Drama Night is an annual event aiming for the participation of freshmen, who are divided into different groups and each group is led by an experienced member to complete a short stage play, and is the largest club event of the Macao Polytechnic University. Each play has a different style and genre, providing the audience with a variety of performances.

Based on the original form of the club's logo, the color Ultra Violet which is an emotive, imaginative, fun, charming, and youthful purple, was used. In the universe, ultraviolet light represents all kinds of possibilities, symbolizing the ability of everyone in the club to create exquisite pieces, to be open-minded, and to be innovative.

The secondary graphics are based on the extension of the main color's lightness and hue, while seven fixed color combinations are set. Each set of colours with a corresponding secondary graphic for each group‘s representative color. The different color blocks are extended to symbolize a variety of unexpected creations, full of specialisation and refined order. The graphics block a small part of the text content, giving the visual mystery. The curtain is about to open, the exciting performance is ahead.


在社團 Logo 原本的形態基礎上,使用了富有情感與想像力、有趣迷人、年輕活力的 Ultra Violet 紫色。在宇宙中,紫外光代表著一切可能,象徵社團每個人都能迸發出精巧的創作,勇於打破框架,激發對事物的重新想像。



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