It is a traditional dessert with Macao’s local characteristics and collective memories. The art of making dragon’s beard candy has been handed down in Macao for decades, and each process requires a long period of experience and exploration before the artisan can master it.

Once a courtly delicacy with a history of over a thousand years, dragon’s beard candy is now a traditional snack that is a household name in Macao. The artisans have passed on this tradition to the next generation through oral tradition, keeping it alive as a representative of Macao‘s local folk food culture.

The new brand identity focuses on creativity and innovation, with a focus on flavor and texture, and the development of new flavors based on young people’s preferences. The launch of limited flavors is in line with the seasons/festivals, pushing the boundless possibilities of dragon’s beard candy and traditional desserts.

The brand stands for quality taste and sophisticated image, with a focus on aesthetics and a combination of youthful freshness + cultural quality of the products. The brand places emphasis on modern product creation and research and development, emphasizing creativity and rejuvenating traditional desserts.



全新的品牌形象重點打造品牌創造力,產品創意推新,並聚焦味道與口感。根據年輕人喜好和市場需求,多口味研發,推陳出新。結合時令 / 節日推出限定口味,推進龍鬚糖和傳統點心的無限可能性。

品牌代表著優質的口味和精致的形象,注重審美,年輕的新鮮感 + 產品的文化品質結合。


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