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Macao is a well-known tourist city and the Macao Peninsula has a very high density of World Heritage urban areas. Using technologies such as augmented reality, and internet big data, this project aims to help preserve cultural heritage through digital means and to promote smart city building, encouraging more people to better understand the special history and culture of the Macau Peninsula.

This App is a mobile, tour guide system that includes the major tourist destinations in the Macao Peninsula. The App is designed for the convenience of sharing snaps of real-time images on any social media. The users are able to get the latest information about every site possible, including the origin of its characteristics, history of development, timetable of diverse activities, nearby site, food, etc.

一款專為不願隨波逐流的旅行者打造的定製化旅遊 App。
AI 對每一個景點進行標籤化處理,根據文化、季節、氣候、活動、美食等標籤,將各個景點、酒店和商圈信息標籤化,結合用戶喜好,動態定製旅行線路。
利用 MR 混合現實,生動形象地展示景點歷史人文,讓人們以不同的方式進行體驗。與當地政府合作建立數字景點數據庫,促進文化保護與可持續發展,與大數據結合,構建旅遊元宇宙的基礎設施。


The logo design uses imagery graphics that abstract the experience of Macau-Portuguese historical buildings but uses a small area of yellow as a highlight in the color matching, which incorporates a modern, lively and young color style.

The overall visual design is derived from the design style, creating a complete and unified visual experience.






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